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A Case Study

The complaints started in earnest about two weeks before the Sasos left for Tijuana and reached a crescendo during the first few days of the trip. Rather than spend their family summer vacation, say, going to the beach like many of their friends, Patt and Steve Saso were taking their children to the barrios of Baja to build houses for the poor.

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Faced with hours of daily physical labor and no running water or electricity, Patt herself began to have doubts, writing in her journal, … 1 But by the end of the week, everyone had met new friends and was proud of his or her accomplishments. These parents see travel as a chance to instill values or provide a learning experience for their children, … 3 What's more, they say the inherent challenges in such vacations allow for the type of bonding that's hard to come by these days.

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Explain the following words. Answer nano go weigh piersk reviews following questions: 6 points A. Why did the children complain?

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Why did Pat begin to have doubts? How are more and more families trying to integrate meaning into their summer vacations?

Comment on the following sentence: Family travel has become the new family dinner. Choose the right variant and, on your exam sheet, write the corresponding letter next to the number indicating each sentence. Fill in these mini dialogues.

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Write the answers on your exam sheet. B: How ………?

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Sanders ……… you? B: Yes. Each of the following sentences contains an extra word.

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Write the correct sentence on your exam sheet. Fill in each blank with one word only so that the sentence makes sense. Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, beginning as shown.

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The tea was … 4 They forced him to sign immediately. You want to go on holiday in summer but you do not have enough money. Write a letter to your friend, Caroline White, asking for her advice about ways to earn extra money. Check for the following:.